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iOS 10 iPhone Update will tell you when your iPhone is Wet

ValetFix iPhone Water Repair

In a recent video released, an iPhone running the latest iOS 10 beta 3 throws up a warning message when moisture is detected at the Lightning port, prompting users to disconnect any plugged-in accessories. The alert seems to appear only when Lightning is in use, a logical limitation considering the port remains inactive, and thus safe from a potential short circuit event, until a power cable or accessory is connected.

Apple has not released a full list of compatible devices, nor has the company commented on whether or not the feature will remain when iOS 10 updates iPhone's later this year. It is unclear how the feature works, though EverythingApplePro proposes iOS 10 activates a dormant liquid sensor installed in iPhone's Lightning connector port. While Apple does own patents for such environmental sensors, it is more probable that the forthcoming operating system detects the presence of water and other conductive liquids by measuring for electrical anomalies or connectivity errors. That Apple would include a major component in iPhone and leave it unused, or inaccessible to consumers, for most of the handset's life cycle is unlikely. Further, the company installs small color-changing liquid detection tabs in its iOS devices for warranty and repair purposes, not dedicated sensors. In any case, the feature has the potential to save iOS device owners from getting their phone soaked.

If your iPhone falls in the water, the best thing to do is to immediately pull it out and turn off the phone. While you may be tempted to turn your iPhone on to test if it is still working, you should avoid doing this at all costs because even if it turns on, if there is any residual moisture, then it will short out your motherboard.

After you've waited a sufficient amount of time for the water to evaporate, you can try to turn on your iPhone. If you are able to tell that it turned on based off vibrations, sound, etc., but are unable to see a picture or the image is distorted in anyway, then give us a call at (240) 600-0413 and we will pick it up and fix it for you.

Credit: appleinsider

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